Statistics represent the overall strength of your power in the core areas of Strength, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma

Every race has a base statistic level (that can be viewed on our races page on our website) that can be augmented by magical armour (specifically offhand and armour items) as well as active spell effects

Statistics have differing effects depending your chosen profession so it is important to understand how that may affect your character when planning on the correct equipment to wear


Strength represents the power of your melee attacks for all professions

Melee Damage Calculation

The following calculation is how all melee damage is determined. It is highly effected by the skill of the weapon you are using such as slashing or crushing weapon and also takes into account spell effects strength, aa strength, item strength and base racial strength

damagepercentbonus = (baseweapondamage * ((strength + weaponskill) / 100))

damage = damage * damagepercentbonus


Stamina represents the hardiness of your avatar and is generally used to calculate the maximum amount of hitpoints you may have

HP Calculation

The following calculation is how all player hitpoints are determined. The playerstamina value is a combination of all worn items, AA stamina, racial base stamina and effects stramina

hp = level * levelmultiplier

hpmain = (playersstamina / 12) * level

calculatedhp = hp + hpmain

Level Multipliers

1 for all except:


levelmultiplier = 3


levelmultiplier = 15


levelmultiplier = 12


levelmultiplier = 20


levelmultiplier = 21


levelmultiplier = 26


Agility represents a melee fighters ability to perform successive melee attacks. This generally represents the 'mana' pool for the core fighter professions but can differ in the case of hybrid melees that may use nature or healing magic such as Knights

Power/Mana Pool Calculation

For agility based fighters (This is the Unknown Profession) and several other currently disabled classes such as Warriors

maxmana = ((850 * level) + (85 * statisticlevel * level)) / 425;


Dexterity represents the flexiblity of your character and mainly determines your bow damage

Bow Damage Calculation

damagepercentbonus = (baseweapondamage+arrowdamage * ((dexterity + archeryskill) / 100))

damage = damage * damagepercentbonus


Intelligence is the core statistic of scholarly casters such as Wizard, Arcanists and Enchanters. It determines your maximum mana pool available to you

Mana Pool Calculation

maxmana = ((850 * level) + (85 * intelligencelevel * level)) / 425;


Wisdom is the core statistic of priestly casters such as Clerics and Exarchs and is used to calculate their maximum mana pool. Note that hybrid nature and priestly melee classes such as the Knight and Hunter also use this statistic

Mana Pool Calculation

maxmana = ((850 * level) + (85 * wisdomlevel * level)) / 425;


Affects your prices when bartering with npc merchants