This quest starts at: Haven Road to Morheim

Recommended Level: 7-15

You say 'Hail, Tusl Deepforge'

Tusl Deepforge says to soandso, 'yeh, so ye dun know me, n'dun know ye either but listen eh? i got a [proposition] for ye'

You say 'What proposition?'

Tusl Deepforge says to soandso, 'well am interested in finer things eh, from the past en what not. some say maybe am' a collector, others not so kind a description, heh, well. any'how, i'm lookin for someone w'particular talent to recover a [lost] item'

You say 'What lost item?'

Tusl Deepforge says to soandso, 'in t'expedition site theres 'a staff i dropped. lord knows how a misplaced it but some angry'lady took it. shes mighty fierce mind, tried to get it back but she chased me right out o'there. i'll reward ye o'course'

You have received a quest flag!

Halira Starfire can be found in the Excavation site near Haven and on her death drops the 'Staff_of_Somnerog'

You give 'Staff_of_Somnerog' to Tusl Deepforge

Tusl_Deepforge says to soandso, 'Ye bloody genius! Howdye get that? No ne'mind! Ah ye dun Tusl a real favour, finally i can get t'hoods off me back! Ahaha! Here, take this, ye deserve more but thats ery'thin a'got'

You receive Bag_of_Gold (worth $1000)