Template:Character This template is intended to help you create a page for your own characters. This is what your character page will look like, below is the template you will need to copy into your own page into the "source" editing tab, rather than "visual" (Located at the top right of the editing pane where you write the text).


Short description of your character; are they heavily built or are they skinny? What makes them unique, or are they pretty average? Any distinct scars or tattoos? Etc..


What sort of person are they? Are they friendly to people they meet? Are they mean? Etc..

Skills and Abilities

What is your character good at? Are they naturally talented at something or have they worked hard to hone their craft? Nobody's good at everything, so try to make this balanced!

Fears and Insecurities

Everyone have things that they don't like, it could be anything from a fear of spiders to a dislike of people, or perhaps they fear they cannot protect their loved ones when the time comes. However big or small, having situations that your character dislikes really helps to build a rounded character.


Early Life

Where did they grow up? Was their childhood good? Bad? Average?

Recent events

What has happened to them recently? What made them the person they are today?


Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

Code for this template

To use this template:

  1. Create a new page titled with your character's name
  2. Copy the following code into the new page, under the "source" tab found at the top right of the editing pane
  3. Edit the character's details by putting the appropriate text after "|race=" "|firstname =" etc.
  4. You can switch to visual editor to fill out the more wordy details such as personality and backstory

{{Character | image= File:imagename.jpg | firstname = John | secondname = Smith | title = The Great | race = Human | gender = Male | age = 32 | alignment = Neutral Good | language = Common Tongue | hometown = Imaginaryville | height = 1.6m | skincolor = Brown | haircolor = Brown | eyecolor = Brown | distinctions = Pretty average person | diet = Mixed | god = Gias | playerIGN = XxXJohn10XxX }} ==Appearence== ==Personality== ===Skills and Abilities=== ===Fears and Insecurities=== ==Backstory== ===Early Life=== ===Recent events=== ==Aims== ===Short Term Goals=== ===Long Term Goals===