Circitor Tarvos
Player Character
First Name Circitor (Sir-sit-tor)
Second Name Tarvos
Title First of Ridafar
Race Meroei
Gender Male
Age 32
Alignment Lawful Good
Language Common, Meroei
Hometown Ridafar
Height 5'9"
Skincolor Tanned
Haircolor Sandy blond
Eye Color Green
Distinguishing Features Three red dots tattooed onto his forehead
Diet Meat, bread, some fish
God worshipped Alorn, Methabeht
Player Name OstrichBunny


Somewhat lanky, any muscles he may have had in his yonger years are slowly fading. Blond beard covering the bottom of his chin.


Highly devout, Confident, Supportive

Skills and Abilities

Orating, Trading, Magic (Druid), Gardening

Fears and Insecurities

Sharks, Mysmaal, Tsunamis


Born into a family of well off dye merchants. Circitor loved hearing stories of heros and gods as a child.

Early Life

Trained as a healer during a short stint in the city guard. Helped wipe out the respiratory disease "The Skraag" when it broke out in Ridafar. Elected First of Ridafar at 30, making him the second youngest in it's history.

Recent events




Short Term Goals

Establish trade routes between neighbouring towns

Long Term Goals

Deal with the growing strength of the Corrupt Vishim.