Name Capriped
Common Name Faun
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Alliance Sylvan Sentinels
Base Alignment Lawful Neutral
Language Foresian
Height 5-6 ft or 1.5-1.8 m
Skincolor Light dusty browns to chestnut, colouration usually follows existing ungulates
Haircolor Earthy tones, their hair and furred lower half are usually the same shade
Lifespan 120 years to 200 years
Diet Vegetarian
Distinctions A blend between human and hoofed animal
God worshipped Golkara


A race of hoof-footed and horned humanoids. The Capripeds are the most organised of the Sylvan Sentinels and are worshippers of Golkara the Goddess of Life






Young Capripeds are cheerful, charming and carefree towards everyone they meet. They are frivolous, rarely taking things of even great importance seriously; after all, they have a long time to live, why not just deal with it later? Dealings with groups of young Capripeds can be frustrating for outsiders. Unfortunately for their racial image, the youngsters are the ones that have most contact with other races due to their love of travel and exploration.

Older Capripeds are more mellow and wisened. They do not travel as far as their younger selves, returning home to live in closer-knit communities. They are fair and rational, doing their best to uphold the laws and society so the younger generations can have their fun. After all, they were young once, too.

The Capripeds are the most organised of the Sylvan Sentinels, but this isn't saying an awful lot considering the general lawless state of the other Sylvan races. Capripeds have more respect for law and honour, with their societies valuing the oldest and wisest members as leaders and advisors, irregardless of gender.

Capripeds lead long lives and change considerably throughout them. Youthful Capripeds; those within their first 50 years, are wild and carefree with a love for partying and socialising. Older Capripeds are wiser and calmer, acting in a grandfatherly or grandmotherly manner to their younger members of society.

They are extremely social, living in large villages. They are the most industrialised of the Sylvan Sentinels, but their farming and gathering techniques are in tune with their environment and emphasise working with their surroundings.







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Alignment and Faction

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Biology and appearance

The Capripeds are a race of hoof-footed and horned humanoids. They have lower bodies that resemble those of a hoofed mammal, as well as matching horns, ears and tail. Their humanoid upper bodies are often strong and lean, however they can just as often be rather plump.

Their hoofed halves can resemble a variety of different animals; some can be elegant like a gazelle with matching large ridged horns, others more squat, shaggy and goat-like often with an accompanying goatee. More illusive, still, are the deer-like forms, with males sporting large antlers and long legs.

Capripeds do not eat the flesh or produce of animals; their preferred food is fruit, berries and fresh vegetables. Oh, and wine. They love their wine and cider, brewed from the ripest fruits and fresh spring water.

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