Name Automata
Common Name Clockwork
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Alliance Iron Ring Collective
Base Alignment True Neutral
Language Tiktok
Height 2-6 ft or 0.6-1.8 m
Skincolor Mechanical beings, metal or wooden. Brassy and silvery to dark sooty, worn metal. Wood of varying colours.
Haircolor Short description here
Lifespan Immortal as long as power source doesn't run out
Diet unknown
Distinctions Mechanical humanoids, an artificially constructed race
God worshipped Naturally Atheistic




The Automata have an incredibly different history from many other races. Created by the Morannon to be a slave race the Clockwork people quickly rose to sentient status. When the Morannon could no longer stomach the idea of keeping them as slaves they began to treat them as equals and partners instead.

It is thought that the Automata originate from 3 major civilisations on the continent of Alatyr




The initial impression of the Automata might be that they have very little personality... For many cases, this is true. A typical, well-behaved automaton will follow it's creator or master's tasks fully, with very little deviation or individual thought. However, as with every learning being, there can sometimes be unpredictable results. It's not unknown for them to develop individual personalities over time as they interact more with their environment and learn behaviours and preferences. They are naturally creative beings, and when left without a task will often be found exploring and improving on designs created by other races or even found in nature. Automatons never get bored, they have infinite attention spans; when given an impossible task, they can become trapped for an eternity.

Automata have a social structure that is not as easily comprehendible to other races as to themselves. It is moreover based on intelligence than physical strength. Given the fact that Automata are created by others of their own species all Automata are seen as essentially equal to each other with the occasional exception of the occasional criminal who is seen as truly low.







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Alignment and Faction

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Biology and appearance

Automata encompasses a variety of artificially created beings. They aren't always entirely technological; most often some magic is included in their construction to grant them life and the ability to reason. In ancient times, the art of Automata construction included beings formed from clay, embued with magical life force. More modern Automata are designed for more precise tasks; their bodies are constructed from mechanical systems such as clockwork or steam power fed by a coal burner. They vary in size from tiny humanoids, to much larger, stronger individuals designed for lifting and heavy construction. The number of limbs they have is variable and suited to the tasks they were designed for. Clockwork automata are constructed of polished metals and wood, and are very fine pieces of engineering unsuited to heavy tasks, but work together well with more "squishy" races. Those powered by steam tend to be larger, constructed of heavy duty metals and riveted plates.

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